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Sebastian Spence — a fansite

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Name:Sebastian Spence — a fansite
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This is a fansite for actor Sebastian Spence
Just a few rules:
1. Be nice. If you can't be nice, this isn't the community for you.
2. All members are welcome to post.
3. Posts — both text and photos — must be confined to Sebastian's professional life. Unless he makes a public announcement about his private life, let's give him his privacy in that regard.
4. Don't post links or offers to provide free downloads of his movies and TV shows. Piracy is not encouraged. Conversely, if you know one of Sebastian's projects is available to view on a free, legal site (such as Hulu), please let us know. Youtube video links, especially of his hard-to-find-work, are fine to post. I assume the owners of these works will order youtube to delete the videos if they object.

5. Links to fanfic for Sebastian's movies and television shows can be posted here. A few rules:
A. Sebastian's character must be the focus of the story. This is a fan community for him, after all.
B. You may post the story here, but it must be behind a cut no matter how long it is. Your before-the-cut information should include the name of the film or TV show, the name of Sebastian's character, rating and word count.
C. The writer may post warnings as he/she sees fit. Same goes for spoilers. Assume that a fanfic will contain spoilers.
D. A summary is nice but optional.
E. That's fine if you don't use a beta, but please proofread your story for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. We all miss some things, but your story should be as correct as you can make it.

6. This site could contain material that is not appropriate for minors. Kids, police yourselves. This community is not responsible for your well-being.
7. Anything rated higher than PG must be behind a cut. The site should safe to load at the workplace.

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